The President of the USA, Joe Biden has decided to cede Central Europe to Berlin and Moscow, announcing the lifting of sanctions against companies participating in the Nord Stream 2 project.  This opinion was shared with Radio Maryja by a Polish historian, Professor Mieczyslaw Ryba.

"We are talking about bypassing Central Europe and connecting Germany and Russia into one gas pipeline. This is a matter of concern. Why did the US do this?" - the question is asked by the expert.

He refers to the statement of the American leader, in which he explains the lifting of sanctions by good relations with Germany, "after all, she is an ally of the United States". According to Pisces, this gives Berlin complete freedom of action in Europe, which also applies to relations with Russia.

The historian writes : "Everything suggests that the Americans are placing their main bets on the global battle with China, while Germany and Russia must play their part in this alliance" .

At the same time, he believes that Moscow does not intend to join him, and Berlin is in doubt.

 In addition, the United States actually transferred control of Central Europe to Germany, Fish noted. "We are returning to the times of Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. Russia feels the weakness of the United States, and it has come very close to our borders," the political scientist explained.

He concluded that Poland should start to worry, as Germany might liquidate its coal sector and thus subdue it in energy terms.

The professor admitted that after a while Warsaw would buy energy from Germany, produced on the basis of Russian gas. Therefore, Poland needs to respond to this challenge in order to protect the country's independence, he summed up.

Nord Stream 2 envisages the construction of two strings of a gas pipeline with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The United States is actively opposed. Now it has been implemented by 95%, it remains to lay several tens of kilometers of pipes.

Moscow has repeatedly called to stop politicizing the situation, recalling that the gas pipeline is beneficial not only to Russia, but also to the European Union. The Federal Republic of Germany has always advocated completion and rejected Washington's unilateral extraterritorial sanctions.