OREANDA-NEWS. The prototype of the Canadian Daymak Spiritus electric car has started mining cryptocurrencies in a test mode. The vehicle is equipped with a graphics processor that starts mining while charging or parking — the extracted coins are transferred to the built-in wallet. The Spiritus hashrate is about 185 MH/s, and the power consumption is 488 watts, the daily profit is about $11.6.

The Daymak company was formed in Toronto almost two decades ago. At first, it was an ordinary importer of electric scooters to Canada, but now it has grown into a real manufacturer of personal electric vehicles. On Wednesday, June 30, Daymak launched a live broadcast of the cryptocurrency mining process on the Spiritus electric car. The broadcast started 18 hours ago, but we do not know whether the mining process was started immediately.

The electric car Daymak Spiritus will go on sale in 2023, the pre-order price is $18,495.