OREANDA-NEWS. Workers engaged in the construction of the ICA Fluor oil refinery in the Mexican city of Dos Bocas in the Tabasco region have started a strike, the Proceso newspaper reports.

Employees demand salary increases, overtime pay, job security, as well as the issuance of protective equipment and benefits.

According to the publication El Heraldo De Tabasco, about 5 thousand people took part in the strike. Because of this, the work of the enterprise has been stopped.

The publication Diario de Tabasco reports that during the strike, the workers had a conflict with the company's engineers. As a result, a contingent of the Mexican Navy intervened in the conflict. The military took control of the protest, the publication points out.

Diario de Tabasco notes that after the strike, some workers continued to work, but most decided to leave the factory and not work until the company's management satisfied their complaints about working conditions.

Earlier, the workers of the refinery in Don Bokas announced a strike in February of this year. Then the workers accused the management of being forced to work ten hours a day without overtime pay, and demanded a 20% increase in salary. Among the strikers were welders, carpenters, masons, etc.