OREANDA-NEWS Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic expressed his willingness to leave his post due to the situation with the supply of the Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus to the country. This information is reported by the TASS news agency, making a reference to the local media.

Igor Matovic, on whose initiative the Russian drug was purchased, said he was ready to leave the post of head of the Cabinet of Ministers, but intends to continue working in the government as one of its members. At the same time, Matovic has put forward a number of demands on the parties that are part of the government coalition, which are seeking his resignation. He demanded that the Minister of Economy of Slovakia, Richard Sulik, who is the chairman of the liberal party "Freedom and Solidarity", as well as a number of other politicians, be removed from the government.

Earlier it was reported that Sulik wanted to dismiss the prime minister because of the supply of "Sputnik V" to the country. Thus, two of the four parties of the Slovak government coalition demanded Matovic's resignation. The parties believe that Matovic has failed to cope with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and divides society.

The supply of the Russian vaccine to Slovakia has led to serious political divisions within the country. Foreign Minister Ivan Korchok condemned the Prime Minister, who personally met the first batch at the airport. President of the country Zuzana Chaputova also spoke out against the use of the Sputnik V vaccine. On March 6, Matovic announced that he would not return the drug back.