OREANDA-NEWS. A new emergency happened at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport: the passenger decided to smoke on board of the plane.

The passenger on the Bodrum-Moscow flight took out cigarettes without getting up from her chair. Her neighbors began filming the woman, not refraining from commenting, and she, it seems, did not even notice the problem.

The video instantly flew around Russian social networks. “Apparently, I had a good rest in Turkey,” Web users sneer. But the hooligan passenger is not laughing: she said that at the airport her rights were actually violated.

The traveler turned out to be Irina Tammiruusu, the owner of the Tamirusu Travel travel agency. It would seem that she, like no one else, should understand the intricacies of flights and the dangers of smoking on board, but Irina believes that the price of her ticket includes not only luggage and hand luggage, but also the right to relax in a way convenient for her.

“I flew in business class, do you understand how much it costs? This is not an economy class, ”- indignant Tammiruusu. Perhaps the Aeroflot passenger did not have time to familiarize herself with the rules of conduct on board, but she knows for sure the immutable law that the best defense is an attack. Irina stated that she was beaten at the airport police.

“I am going to witness the beatings, I was beaten at the police station. I have a broken leg, a serious fracture, I was flying with a serious fracture. Because I was in Turkey for three weeks with a broken leg, ”says the passenger. Tammiruusu promised to hire "serious lawyers" and arrange "a serious situation."

But this is not the most surprising thing: Irina suddenly declared that she was not actually to blame, and they were wrong to accuse her. “I didn't smoke! I am beaten at the police station! My leg is broken! They wanted to inject me with something .. ", - she is indignant.

Netizens cheerfully discuss this incident: "Is the smoke so special, special effects?" Irina, at this time, discouraged Internet users even more, saying that at the airport she was attacked by an invited doctor. “I came with a box and said: 'I'll inject you now, and you just won't remember your name, and you will wake up in a madhouse!”.