OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, has become a partner of the fifth Non-Forum of Bloggers that is gathering popular authors and active users of social networks. This year the event is taking place in the capital of Tatarstan, near the stadium of Kazan Arena stadium.

The ceremony was attended by Tele2 CEO Sergey Emdin. In his welcome speech he pointed out that the Non-Forum of Bloggers is not only covering the topic of social networks but digital sphere as a whole as it will define the future of communications for the next decade. In order to become closer to subscribers the operator has got to become an important participant of mobile online revolution and merge with a new digital environment.

The Non-Forum of Bloggers is the most large-scale event in social media in Russia and CIS countries. It yearly gathers over 300 participants involved in blogging, SMM technologies and social media. The Non-Forum-2016 is attended by popular bloggers of the Cyrillic LiveJournal, Odnoklassniki and VKontakte social networks as well as YouTube and Instagram.

The practical part of the Non-Forum consists of ten sections where participants are discussing the future of social networks, new formats of blogging, ways for blogs monetization and preparation of high-quality content. Tele2 has supported the section “Challenges and trends in mobile digital”. Its participants were Tele2 CEO Sergey Emdin, Valeriy Fedorov, CEO at the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre, Ivan Zasurskiy, head of New Media and Communications Theory department at MSU’s faculty of journalism, representative of Twitter in Russia Evgeniy Kozlov, new media analytic Anton Merkurov, CEO at Plastic Logic in Russia Boric Galkin. The meeting was moderated by Denis Terekhov, managing director at the Social Networks agency.  

Experts shared their opinion on digital environment and pointed out that users talk and read less while preferring to watch video and photo. The trend is confirmed by rapidly growing popularity of social networks targeted at visual formats of information transfer – YouTube, Periscope, Instagram. Sergey Emdin spoke about the future of the telecommunications industry and the role of mobile operator in the modern world – go beyond the role of a mediator between consumers but rather become a convenient and comfortable platform for generating content, exchanging information and providing services.

Sergey Emdin, CEO at Tele2:
“The Non-Forum of Bloggers is an opportunity to discuss topical issues of social networks, new channels for communication, standards and technologies. Tele2 as a mobile operator sees the user’s changing attitudes and habits. Everyone is not just going online but mobile online channels. We can be sure that smartphone will soon become a main device for accessing the Internet. That is why the operator’s key task is to be more active in developing new standards of mobile services and high-speed wireless Internet. So that mobile services would be available to any user no matter where he stays.”