OREANDA-NEWS. Access to the Last.fm music social network was limited in Russia.

Twitter users paid attention to this fact, and one of them asked the Internet provider why the Last.fm site was unavailable. According to the screenshot that the user attached, when he tried to open this resource, access was restricted on the basis of the federal law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” of 2006. In response, the operator sent the user a link to the registry of extremist materials.

The support service of Last.fm reported that they sent a request to the relevant Russian departments to find out why the site was blocked and what should be done to resume its operation.

According to the monitoring portal Antizapret.info, on April 17, the Last.fm page was added to the Roskomnadzor registry, which included an audio record by singer Timur Mutsuraev “Рай под тенью сабель” (“Paradise Under the Shadow of Sabers”). The song was recognized as an extremist material by the decision of one of Russian regional courts in April 2015.

According to Philip Kulin, the CEO of the Diphost provider, telecom operators received an extract from the Roskomnadzor registry as the reason for blocking order. It concerned one of the song of Apraxia music band, but since Last.fm uses the https protocol, providers cannot block the single page with this song, therefore they blocked the entire music service.

Last.fm was launched in 2002. The service analyzes the music that the user listens to, and offers both individual and general recommendations. According to SimilarWeb, in March 2019, there were 39.5 million visits to the website of Last.fm. Users from Russia provided 8.9 % of its traffic.