OREANDA-NEWS. The Meta company (Facebook and Instagram) is recognized in Russia as an extremist organization, its activities are prohibited. This decision was taken by the Tagansky court on March 21.

The social network Instagram (owned by Meta) was officially included in the register of banned sites of Roskomnadzor. Earlier, the department announced that Instagram was blocked in Russia from 00:00 Moscow time on March 14. This decision in the service was explained by the temporary lifting of the Meta ban on calls for violence against Russians in connection with the situation in Ukraine. After the company said that this applies only to the military.

The reason for the blocking was the new editorial "policy" regarding the citizens of the Russian Federation, introduced by Meta. On the one hand, the platform management stressed that Facebook and Instagram will not tolerate Russophobia and any discrimination against Russians. On the other hand, users of social networks in Ukraine were allowed to call for violence against participants in the Russian special operation in Ukraine. It was called a "temporary measure" taken in "extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances".

Earlier today, a Meta spokesperson told Moscow's Tverskoy Court that she had changed her policy and considered calls for violence against Russians unacceptable.