OREANDA-NEWS  Russian retailers have started selling iPhone smartphones activated abroad, this is reported by Izvestia with reference to sources in the market.

A similar situation is observed due to the fact that Apple in March 2022 restricted the operation of services and stopped selling its products in the country through the official website, and also imposed a ban on the supply of smartphones over $ 300. Currently, its products are supplied by parallel import.

The reason for the import of gadgets activated abroad is that the gray import partners are afraid of the termination of cooperation with the manufacturer.

For example, a distributor buys smartphones in Turkey, the UAE or other countries and resells them to Russia, but activates devices that are tracked in advance, for example, the iPhone. The fate of the device activated abroad is not so interesting to Apple.

Many retailers already have or are planning to sell unpacked gadgets, because this is the only way to get large volumes for sale. Experts believe that such sales will continue to grow.

Earlier, Apple released updated versions of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. On Tuesday, March 7, the American corporation announced the sale of its smartphones in a new, yellow color.