OREANDA-NEWS. The director of the gymnasium No. 175 in Kazan, where the shooting took place, Amina Valeeva considers it necessary to strengthen control over the Internet resources used by children.

Valeeva told reporters that the attack was not provoked by the school; the reason for the incident, in her opinion, lies, among other things, in the content that teenagers find on the Internet.

"There are various resources that are toxic to our children. And I believe that we need to strengthen control over the material that children find on electronic resources," Valeeva said.

Also, the director of gymnasium No. 175 in Kazan, where the shooting took place, told reporters how she acted in the first minutes of the emergency.

The director of the gymnasium, Amina Valeeva, said: “Actions were taken immediately after the first shots were fired. The alarm button was already pressed on the watch. Since the school has a voice warning system, it was decided to urgently make an announcement throughout the school. The command was given to close the offices, barricade, not to open the doors to anyone. And place the children as low as possible on the floor. "

She noted that the school administration also worked quickly, employees through instant messengers gave clear recommendations to teachers.

"I believe that the entire pedagogical team has made every effort to save the lives of our children," added Valeeva.

"Today my first task is to stabilize the work of the teaching staff in order to reach our children and return them to a quiet student life," she added.