OREANDA-NEWS. During 2021, among phishing attacks, fake mailings about salary increases and vaccination polls among employees were especially popular among scammers in Russia. This is stated in a new study by the information security company Positive Technologies, which was received by Gazeta.Ru.

“Particularly successful are scripts for phishing mailings on salary changes, social package updates and the cost of banking services,” said Positive Technologies.

The press service of the company clarified that due to the pandemic, the Russians were actively "offered to buy fake QR codes and certificates, and also conducted fake polls on the vaccination of employees to collect data."

According to the company, cybercriminals are also increasingly exploiting delivery systems, online dating, subscription services and compensation for fraud victims in their attacks.

Positive Technologies analysts predict the further development of the model for buying and selling ready-made solutions for hacking and theft on the network. According to them, it can be both ready-made fraudulent sites and malicious scripts that can be used in mailing lists.

Earlier, a study was published by the information security company Group-IB that there are 8 thousand fake domains on the network for stealing money from Russians under the guise of trading in stocks and cryptocurrencies.