OREANDA-NEWS. Instagram users expressed bewilderment over the post of Volodymyr Zelensky, in which the President of Ukraine congratulated citizens on Embroidery Shirt Day.

The reason for the discussion in the comments was a photograph in which the Ukrainian leader was captured in a Russian blouse.

"And today is the holiday" kosovorotka "? Or is there no difference what and how to call it?" - the user hugo ._. Stiglitz wondered.

"From the Internet: a blouse and an embroidered shirt - both represent a type of national dress. The first is Russian, the second is Ukrainian. Hence the question: why is our president wearing a blouse?" - asked olya_timofeevs.

The user vladashell turned to the Ukrainian president with the words: "Are you out of your mind? To wear a blouse for Embroidery Day ??? This is the Russian national shirt! God, what a shame!"

The subscribers explained that the cut from the side is from the Russian national costume, they borrowed this cut from the Turks. bodia_win wrote: "I can't, it's just a shame. In the Ukrainian context, it's always in the middle. Nobody in your team understands both Russian and Ukrainian traditions?"

International Day of Embroidery Shirt - traditional Ukrainian and Belarusian clothing (most often shirts) - is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May.