OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre summed up the production activity in 2017. The company exceeded its annual business plan for a number of key indicators.

The volume of joint operation productive supply of electricity to the grid amounted to 51.719 billion kWh (including the volume of electricity transmission services in the "pick up" area of functions of the supplier of last resort in the Tver region from 01.12.2016), which is 1.115 billion kWh above the parameters of the business plan. Revenues from electricity transmission services amounted to 87.866 billion rubles and also exceeded planned targets (by 3.319 billion rubles).

To achieve this result, IDGC of Centre was helped by the implementation of a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at improving the efficiency of its core business. The additional funds received because of this will be used to solve priority production tasks that the company faces.