OREANDA-NEWS. Under its agreement with Gazprom for the supply of import-substituting tubular products, TMK has shipped H2S-resistant tubing for use at the Astrakhanskoye oil and gas condensate field.

The 89 mm and 114 mm C90SS-grade H2S-resistant tubular products were designed specifically for use at the Astrakhanskoye field, which produces hydrocarbons with high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) content.

The long-term agreement signed between TMK and Gazprom in October 2015 provides for design, production launch and manufacture of products to Gazprom’s specifications for use in the oil major’s existing and planned projects. The FT ("future thing") agreement provides for supplies of high-strength and special pipes with TMK UP premium threaded connections from carbon steel and alloyed steel and special alloys for operation in challenging climatic conditions and aggressive environments.

In June 2016, TMK shipped its first batch of products under the FT agreement: 178 mm L80-grade super chrome (13Cr) steel tubing for use at the Kirinskoye oil and gas condensate field in the Sea of Okhotsk. TMK’s supervisors also oversaw running of casing into the well. In 2016, c. 4 thousand tonnes of tubular products were shipped to Gazprom under the FT agreement.

"We have taken our collaboration with Gazprom to a completely new level, with TMK developing for this key partner "future things", next generation tubular products which help achieve the strategic goal of tapping into hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves," said Sergey Chikalov, Vice President for Technical Sales and Innovation at TMK. "Going forward, these efforts will only gain in significance; therefore, in pursuing projects with both Gazprom and other oil & gas companies, TMK is focused on development of proactive import substitution."