OREANDA-NEWS. Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of its latest contactor-based Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), the newest addition to its growing portfolio of UL® 1008 listed automatic transfer switches. Rated for 2000-3000 A power applications, Eaton’s new ATS is a critical component of any emergency power system, offering enhanced versatility, performance and safety regardless of the application.

From utilities and manufacturers to food and beverage and healthcare operations, facilities across industries rely on emergency power to support business continuity in the event of inevitable, momentary losses of power. Eaton’s ATS solutions quickly and safely shift power loads from a normal power source to the emergency source, permitting critical loads to continue running with minimal or no outage in these events. The new Eaton contactor-based ATS is specifically engineered for applications from 2000-3000 A, offering enhanced capabilities and innovative features along with easy installation and Eaton’s next-level performance.

Features of the new contactor-based Eaton ATS include:

  • Short-time (85kA), short-circuit (100kA), and fuse (200kA) withstand close-on ratings meet a wide variety of requirements
  • Isolated control compartment enhances physical safety for operators and service personnel
  • Maintenance isolation switch (MIS) allows operators to electrically isolate the control compartment to facilitate maintenance and maximize uptime
  • Standard 40-inch enclosure depth (NEMA1), which can be extended to 48, 54 or 66 inches for ease of integration
  • Dual-operator, stored energy switching mechanism that allows for manual operation under load providing redundancy
  • Tethered control that allows the operator to remotely initiate a transfer between sources
  • Kirk-key interlock allows for lock-out/tag-out (LOTO)

“Power losses, however temporary, can happen in any facility no matter the industry and, without the proper emergency measures in place, these incidents can have a devastating impact on business operations,” said Charlie Hume, product manager, Eaton. “Our latest contactor-based ATS joins our full portfolio of ATS solutions in offering a versatile, high-performing solution that safely facilitates the transfer of vital power, with the added benefit of being remarkably easy to install. It’s the ideal solution for giving facility operators the peace of mind that business will continue uninterrupted regardless of any momentary power loss.”