OREANDA-NEWSIDGC of Centre received a letter of thanks from Acting First Deputy Director General of PJSC "Rosseti" Valery Gordienko, in which the company expressed gratitude for the great contribution to the work of providing the charging infrastructure for participants of the circumnavigation rally "80EDAYS-2016".

The rally kicked off on 16 June in Barcelona with 11 international teams from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, China, Hungary, the USA, Czech Republic, Italy and Austria. With electric vehicles they will have to overcome 25 thous. km, passing 25 countries on three continents. Organizers of the "80EDAYS-2016" have the target to complete the journey in 80 days, to beat the previous record of the rally "80EDAYS - GENESIS - 2012", when the same distance was overcome for 127 days. According to them, the rally is a historic event and a major test of endurance for electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and drivers themselves.

IDGC of Centre (part of "Rosseti") took the baton from colleagues on 11 August when en route from Moscow to Riga for charging in the city of Rzhev in the Tver region electric vehicles of European teams participating in the rally stopped. Power engineers of the Tver branch of the company received the foreign crews and provided the conditions for charging the batteries of electric Tesla cars. To do this, from the 10/0.4 "Poyavilovo-2" special stations were installed for recharging the electric vehicles. Two days later, there specialists of IDGC of Centre provided the charging of cars of two Chinese crews. When preparing feeding outlets special attention was paid to the security of electricity supply of the temporary circuit for electric vehicles and crew members.