OREANDA-NEWS. Eric Harper, a senior principal scientist specializing in software architecture and sustainable technologies at ABB’s Corporate Research Center in the United States, will represent ABB in the IIC Steering Committee. The IIC is a global not-for-profit consortium of companies that aims to accelerate the growth of the Industrial Internet by identifying and promoting best practices and global standards.

“We are honored and privileged that Eric has been chosen by his peers to join the Steering Committee as an industry representative,” says Bazmi Husain, CTO of ABB. “Interconnected manufacturing, ‘smart’ products and services coupled with talented people are driving a fourth industrial revolution, offering opportunities for cost savings, energy savings, factory efficiencies, and increased social value. As a pioneering technology leader ABB has been at the forefront with our concept of the Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP). The IIC puts this vision into practice as we drive innovation and establish global standards.”

“Eric has made significant contributions to the IoTSP, including thought leadership around building ecosystems for customers that support collaboration and interoperability,” continues Husain.

The IIC Steering Committee’s tasks include defining the overall priorities of the consortium, setting its direction, providing fiscal oversight, approving all testbeds, defining and managing the Policy and Procedures, and other items as required. It is comprised of four permanent seats for founding members and Executive Director, Dr. Richard Soley, five contributing members, plus four additional representatives who are chosen every year from large industry members, smaller companies, and academia/nonprofits.

“We look forward to having ABB and Eric Harper as part of the IIC Steering Committee for their unique perspective and insight as a leading global technology company” said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium. “ABB will help drive growth for the Industrial Internet across utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers.”

ABB advances the IoTSP by helping customers develop their existing technologies, while keeping sight of safety, reliability, cyber security, and data privacy.