OREANDA-NEWS. Polish MEP Isabela Klotz criticized EU energy policy in an article for wPolityce. In her opinion, it was the actions of Brussels that served as the starting point for the onset of the crisis.

“For the first time in many decades, the wealthy countries of Western Europe began to fear frost and poverty,” she wrote. The leaders of some countries of the European community are also afraid of the reaction of their citizens.

Klotz complained that many leaders ignore the true reason for the record price hikes, preferring to discuss Russia's alleged sabotage or weather conditions.

“Brussels directs all forces and means to promote green energy. We see the results of its risky strategy in electricity bills,” she concluded.

The MEP noted that coal energy is more reliable than "green" and is able to guarantee the stability of supplies. For all its drawbacks, coal-fired power has one clear advantage: it guarantees the stability of the electricity transmission and supply system. The same cannot be said about renewable energy: it depends on the vagaries of the weather, it cannot be stored. Nonetheless, European leaders continue to support the enforced eco-transformation, which in turn is driving prices up and hitting the pockets of middle and low-income EU residents.