OREANDA-NEWSFrom April 1, 2020, the export duty on oil in the Russian Federation will drop by $ 14.9 and amount to $ 52 per ton, the RF Ministry of Finance said in a statement. According to the Ministry of Finance, the average price of Urals oil for the monitoring period from February 15, 2020 to March 14, 2020 amounted to $ 47.274 per barrel, or $ 345.1 per ton.

It is noted that the duty on high-viscosity oil will drop to $ 5.2 from $ 6.6. In connection with the new calculation formula adopted in the framework of the tax maneuver in the oil industry, from February 1, 2015, the preferential oil duty rate for a number of fields in East Siberia, the Caspian fields and the Prirazlomnoye field remains at zero level.

The duty on light petroleum products and oils will drop to $ 15.6 per ton, on dark - to $ 52. The duty on the export of commercial gasoline will drop to $ 15.6, straight-run (naphtha) - to $ 28.6 from $ 36.7 per ton. The duty on liquefied gas will remain at zero level. Coke duty will drop to $ 3.3 from $ 4.3 per ton. Currently, the export duty on oil is $ 66.9 per ton.