OREANDA-NEWS. The network of gas stations Gazprom Neft sold more than 6.5 million liters of fuel through its own mobile application, AZS.GO, which was launched in December 2018. From the beginning of the year to the end of July, sales increased more than 70 times, the company said.

 "The level of sales through the mobile application from January to July 2019 increased 70 times and reached a figure of 1.5 million liters per month," the company said.

 The AZS.GO application is a proprietary development of Gazprom Neft, through it you can find the nearest gas station, create an order by the number of liters or the amount of payment, and pay for it in it using an attached bank card, Apple Pay or bonuses.

 Gazpromneft emphasized that the number of users of the service is about 200 thousand car owners.

 It became known earlier that the Modbank and service for refueling Turbo launched a joint action and return cashback of 10% to the Modbank bank card at Gazpromneft gas stations in Russia and at other filling stations.