OREANDA-NEWS. Bundestag deputy from the Alternative for Germany party Stefan Kotrets said that US attempts to sabotage the launch of Nord Stream 2 violate international law. It is reported by "Lenta.ru".

According to Corte, political pressure and sanctions against the gas pipeline by the United States are interference in the internal affairs of European states.

"They (the United States) are using pressure on gas supplies from Russia as a political weapon to achieve their own political goals," the Bundestag member said.

He noted that the German government's disregard for the interests of gas consumers shows "their lack of competence and their arrogance." According to Corte, only the United States benefits from the shutdown of Nord Stream 2.

Earlier, US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland stated that the US authorities are trying with partners in Germany and the Europe to slow down the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

“The current German authorities have made important measures to do this. It also reaffirmed the agreements we reached with the previous government on what will happen to Nord Stream 2, namely that its work will be suspended if Russia resorts to aggression against Ukraine, ”she said.