OREANDA-NEWSUS authorities are considering whether to impose sanctions on the Russian company Rosneft, writes Bloomberg, citing informed sources. Restrictions on Rosneft due to its ongoing collaboration with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro could cause “chaos in the international oil markets”, fears in Washington.

In particular, employees of the Ministry of Finance are concerned that sanctions against Rosneft will lead to higher oil prices, according to interlocutors of the agency. A representative of the US Department of Economic Affairs was unable to promptly provide Bloomberg with a comment; the National Security Council under the US President declined to comment.

On February 5, American and Russian media reported that Washington could increase pressure on the Maduro regime in the next 30 days. It was, as Russian media reported, in particular, about restrictions on Rosneft. “We let Russians and companies understand that their support. Maduro isn't just a business decision, but it's immoral”.

Earlier, the United States accused Rosneft of purchasing fuel from the state-owned oil company of Venezuela PDVSA bypassing the sanctions imposed on it. The Russian company rejected these suspicions and threatened to go to court. Rosneft has been under various sanctions by the EU and the US since 2014. The reason for the introduction of restrictions, which include a ban on the supply of technology and financing, were events in Ukraine.