OREANDA-NEWS. A strike and work stoppages at four fields of oil and gas company Equinor have cut oil production in Norway by 200 thousand barrels per day, resulting in a loss of over 3 million euros in potential revenues. This was reported on October 6 by representatives of the enterprise.

Equinor’s operations at the fields Gudrun, Gina Krog, Kvitebjorn and Valemon located in the North Sea were suspended because of 54 striking workers who are members of the trade union Lederne. It is also reported that 43 workers of the field Johan Sverdrup are on strike, but, according to the company, work continues there.

It is known that the strike began due to unsuccessful negotiations on working conditions with the participation of representatives of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and the trade union Lederne.

The strike affected two more oil fields, which are managed by other companies. The total production volume at all six fields is 330 thousand barrels per day. According to the Oil and Gas Association, they provide about 8 % of all production in the country.