OREANDA-NEWS. Work on the laying of pipes for the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 in German waters should be completed in December 2020, Rainer Seele, head of the Austrian oil and gas company OMV, said.

“In December 2020, work in German waters should be completed. In January, accordingly, another season begins, and it is unfavourable for the laying of pipelines along the bottom due to the change in the water level,” Seele explained. The top manager noted that in the German ports of Sassnitz and Mukran, pipes are being loaded and preparations are being made to continue work.

“How this will happen and what the speed will be, I still cannot say,” Seele added, advising to contact the company Nord Stream 2 AG for details.

On December 9, the US Congress approved new sanctions against the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 as part of the defense budget for fiscal 2021 which began on October 1. It provides restrictions on a number of companies participating in the construction of the pipeline.