OREANDA-NEWS. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki made a statement that the EU countries that supported the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline are actually paying for new weapons for the Russian army. An interview with him was published on Sunday by a British newspaper. “As many people say bluntly, thanks to Nord Stream 2 Russia buys new weapons with European money”, Moravecki said. “So I am very disappointed with the fact that such a project receives significant support from key EU member states”.

He also criticized French President Emmanuel Macron, who said in an interview with The Economist last week that the Alliance was in a state of "brain death", adding that he wasn't convinced that all its members were committed to Article 5 of the NATO charter. It formulates the principle of collective defense.

"I believe that President Macron’s doubts could make other allies think that France itself may doubt the observance of the principle of collective defense. I still hope that we can still count on France to fulfill its obligations", said Moravecki, who also criticized Macron for his desire to engage in dialogue with Moscow and the fact that Paris, unlike Warsaw, isn't fulfilling its obligations to NATO to channel at least 2% of the country's GDP into defense.