OREANDA-NEWSIn October 2019, Russia became the second largest supplier of oil and oil products to the United States, overtaking Mexico, follows from the reports of the Energy Information Administration of the United States Department of Energy (Energy Information Administration, EIA) for January-November last year, data for December has not yet been published.

The peak of supplies came precisely in October, when the United States bought 20.9 million barrels. Russian oil and fuel. Canada (136.5 million barrels) retained the first place by export by a wide margin, deliveries from Mexico amounted to 17 million barrels, and from Saudi Arabia - 13.7 million barrels. But in November, Russia delivered 19.2 million barrels, and Mexico - 21.2 million barrels.

In October, energy exports to the United States became a record for Russia over the past eight years: the country supplied more only in November 2011, long before the accession of Crimea and US sanctions, Caracas Capital analysts said in a report. Russia increased supplies to the United States, mainly due to petroleum products: in October 2019, they grew 2.5 times (compared with the beginning of the year), to 16 million barrels.