OREANDA-NEWS. The suspension of the certification of the operator of Nord Stream 2, which was announced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, is an element of political tough bargaining, the market did not attach any importance to it. This was announced to NEWS.ru by Dmitry Golubovsky, an analyst at the Golden Mint company.

I wouldn't attach much importance to it. This is just an order from the Chancellor that can be canceled... Nord Stream 2 has not been banned forever, it has become an element of tough bargaining. As they suspended, they will launch it,” he said.

Golubovsky added that if this measure is included in the EU sanctions list, then yes, it will be difficult to cancel it, since the Brussels bureaucracy is very clumsy. But this is possible only in case of further aggravation of the situation around Ukraine. So far, this news has not affected the course of trading.

Since the market does not evaluate it as important, it means that it is so,” he summed up.

Earlier, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline could be included in the EU sanctions package against Russia. According to him, the sanctions prepared by Brussels can be "activated at the touch of a button."