OREANDA-NEWS. Bundestag deputy from the Alternative for Germany party Steffen Kotrets on Tuesday, January 11, in an interview with Izvestia, expressed hope that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be put into operation in 2022.

“The subordination of the EU's position on Nord Stream 2 is due to the cowardice of Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who should have campaigned for the immediate commissioning of the project. But he does not want to enter into an argument with his “green” coalition partner, unfortunately for German and European gas consumers, ”he said.

According to the German politician, the Green Party wants to suspend the project for ideological reasons. As the federal government “unnecessarily surrendered to the EU,” Cotterets noted, it becomes more difficult to brush aside the EU’s strategy to prevent the launch of SP-2.

“On the other hand, the realities of the failed energy transition are now directly reflected in the wallet of citizens, discontent and protests are growing. Therefore, I hope that at least this year the pipeline will still be put into operation, ”the Bundestag deputy concluded.

On the eve, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock reiterated her statements that the suspension of the Nord Stream 2 certification process is connected with the non-compliance of the gas pipeline with the EU requirements. In her opinion, the issue of launching the SP-2 is of a geopolitical nature.

The minister confirmed that the current German government shares the approach enshrined in the joint declaration with the United States. According to it, "effective tough measures will be taken against Russia if Moscow uses energy as a weapon or any aggressive actions in Ukraine."

On December 24, the Das Erste TV channel admitted that the issue of putting Nord Stream 2 into operation could split the coalition that formed the new German government. It was noted that there are disputes between the Greens, who oppose the SP-2, and the Social Democratic Party, which supports the project.