OREANDA-NEWS  The export of Belarusian industrial products to Russia by the end of 2023 is planned to increase by 10%, Deputy Minister of Industry of Belarus Dmitry Kharitonchik said.

"We hope that it will be around 110% by the end of the year. But these are stressful figures for our enterprises, for which we still have to fight. Moreover, we see how the situation is actively changing, including in terms of suppliers entering the market of the Russian Federation with products from China, Turkey and so on," Kharitonchik said on the Belarus-1 TV channel on Sunday.

According to him, for some types of products, the Russian market is being liberated, transformed, so many are beginning to actively fight for it.

"We have worked (in Russia in 2022 - IF) by more than 150% to the level of 2021. It will be difficult to achieve the same level, but at the same time, the potential, the groundwork that was created last year in terms of interaction with our Russian partners, with our colleagues, the work that has begun with the regions of the Russian Federation, it gives results this year," Kharitonchik said.

He noted that the agreement on the common industrial policy of Belarus and Russia provides a legal basis for harmonizing approaches to industrial development, stimulating industrial production, avoiding duplication, not creating excess capacity and excessive competition.

"To direct and concentrate our efforts, our resources, including financial ones, in those areas that the current geopolitical situation requires. During this period, we must concentrate together with our Russian partners on those areas that are really necessary for the development of our countries," the Deputy Minister of Industry of Belarus said.