OREANDA-NEWS  Every third Russian is sure that he has a caffeine addiction, and 42 percent of respondents cannot live a day without their favorite drink. This is evidenced by the results of a joint study conducted by the online health management service Budu and the Research Center "Salaries.ru".

1933 respondents took part in the survey. Half of them prefer to drink coffee in the morning, a third admitted that they replace a full breakfast with a drink. The majority (69 percent) drink coffee to cheer up, 66 percent enjoy the process, 43 percent try to cheer themselves up, and 20 percent try to improve their well—being. At the same time, more than 70 percent are sure that coffee can harm the body only with excessive consumption.

Therapist Andrey Ryabkov said that caffeine really has an invigorating effect, stimulates mental activity, increases mental and physical performance and reduces reaction time. However, after four cups of coffee, an overdose may occur, accompanied by unpleasant symptoms: anxiety, anxiety, tremor, headache, increased blood pressure or heart rhythm disturbance.