OREANDA-NEWS  In January of this year, after record high sales in 2022, the global semiconductor market declined significantly — chip sales for the month collapsed by 18.5 percent, to $ 41.33 billion. This is reported by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

For comparison, in the same month last year, sales in the world amounted to 50.74 billion dollars. Moreover, compared to December last year, 5.2 percent less products were sold on the market in monetary terms ($43.61 billion).

Sales fell the most in China — minus 31.6 percent. Asia-Pacific and other regions are in second place (19.5 percent), and North and South America are in third place (12.4 percent). At the same time, on the contrary, sales in Europe and Japan increased by 0.9 and 0.7 percent, respectively.

"Despite the current short-term cyclical downturn, the long—term prospects for the market remain strong due to the ever-growing role of chips in providing the most important technologies of today and tomorrow," said John Newfer, President and CEO of SIA.

In October, the US Department of Commerce banned American companies and citizens from selling semiconductors created using American technologies to China without a special export license. The measures imposed have dealt a huge blow to Chinese companies.