OREANDA-NEWS. In 2022, one of the most popular beach destinations will become even more expensive: the Maldives will introduce an exit tax. ATOR reports about it.

The government of the Republic of Maldives will replace the current airport tax on travelers with a Departure Tax.

Foreigners flying in economy class will pay $ 30, although now the fee is half as much - $ 15.

Business class passengers will have to pay even more - $ 60, and those flying in first class will face a tax of $ 90. The highest exit tax rate will be for those returning home by private jet: they will be charged $ 130.

The tax will be paid in advance: it will be included in the air ticket price. Passengers with diplomatic immunity and children under two years of age will be exempted from the tax.

In addition to the departure tax, passengers leaving the country through Velana International Airport in Male will have to pay an additional $ 25 - the so-called "airport development fee".

The Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Abdullah Mausum explained to the media that there is a similar practice in other countries, and it is unlikely that the future tax will force tourists to refuse to visit the country.

Russian tour operators agree with the Maldivian official's assessment. "The Maldives is a niche destination, and given the cost of a tour that travelers are willing to pay for a vacation on exotic islands, the new tax is unlikely to affect demand," says Anna Filatovskaya, director of the advertising and PR department of a large tour operator.

Russians are the leaders in the number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives. According to the Ministry of Tourism of the Islands, about 125 thousand guests from the Russian Federation rested there in six months.