OREANDA-NEWS The share of the Russian Federation in the volume of exports of construction services from Belarus is about 85%. This was announced on Tuesday by the Minister of Architecture and Construction of the republic Ruslan Parhamovich.

"The share of exports of services to the Russian Federation is about 85%. We are implementing some of the work on the territory of Kazakhstan, some on the territory of Uzbekistan, but the vast majority of the work planned for implementation in 2023 will be the Russian Federation," he said on the Belarus-1 TV channel.

The Minister noted that Russia offers a "wide range of works" for Belarusian builders. This applies to housing construction services and participation in the construction of industrial and energy facilities. Projects involving Belarusian builders are being implemented and planned to be implemented in several regions. For example, in the Bryansk region and Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, as well as in Pskov.

Earlier on Tuesday, the head of the Ministry of Construction reported that the reduction in investment volumes did not allow the construction industry of Belarus to fulfill the plan for 2022, in connection with which the export of construction services was sharply increased to load Belarusian contractors, which last year reached $ 440 million, which was a record for six years.