OREANDA-NEWS. According to Reuters, the US authorities may impose sanctions on exports to Russia if it shows aggression against Ukraine. The sanctions may include the supply of smartphones, and export goods "from many other sectors."

Washington is thinking about new limits on exports to Russia if Moscow introduces troops into Ukraine, Reuters reported, citing an official from the US presidential administration, Joe Biden.

He explained that we are talking about "emergency" measures to restrict exports: Russia may be deprived of the ability to import smartphones, components for aircraft and cars, supplies "from many other sectors."

These measures are proposed in addition to those already discussed, follows from the agency's message.

According to a Reuters source, these measures may be unprecedented in Russia and could seriously affect Russian consumers and industrial enterprises. The official noted that the new restrictions will include the same tools that were used by the previous Donald Trump administration and current authorities to impose sanctions on the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei (Washington considered its activities to be contrary to national security interests).

The interlocutor of the agency said that the American authorities intend to conduct close consultations with key partners in Europe and Asia on this issue.

The share of Apple in sales of high-end smartphones reaches 80% - there is demand, in case of a ban, the gray market may grow, and the cost of the iPhone can grow by half, a source close to one of the major sellers of smartphones told RBC.

According to an interlocutor from another smartphone seller, following the results of ten months in the Russian smartphone market, Apple accounted for 15% in pieces and 45% in money. “If Appple is banned from importing to Russia, retailers will suffer losses, and users will be forced to switch to Android. Apple traditionally occupies a significant share of sales in the Russian smartphone market, "- said a source to RBC.

Economist and financial analyst Nikolai Kulbaka said that restricting the supply of smartphones and other high-tech products to Russia, as well as restricting dollar transactions on the territory of the Russian Federation, are unlikely measures of pressure on the Russian economy from the United States.