OREANDA-NEWS. The idea of the State Duma Deputy Sultan Khamzaev to place alcoholic shops outside the settlements is not viable, said Sergei Leonov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection. He stated this on Friday, December 24, in an interview with Izvestia.

“In the Soviet Union, the massive struggle against alcohol consumption, when the vineyards were cut down everywhere, did not lead to anything, but at the same time the production of surrogate alcohol, I mean, moonshine, increased significantly. If now we prohibit or significantly restrict the sale of alcohol, then now Russians are unlikely to drive moonshine, but underground sales of surrogate alcohol via the Internet in cities will significantly increase, and in the village there will be Baba Glasha for this, ”Leonov said.

He added that the restrictions are unlikely to affect the amount of alcohol consumed, but they will affect the quality of alcoholic beverages.

On the eve of the New Year, Leonov recommended taking a closer look at alcohol consumption.

“On New Year's holidays all over the country in the dock era, intensive care units were filled with people with surrogate alcohol poisoning, as well as patients with domestic injuries. I would like to appeal to all citizens in order to allow doctors to work calmly on New Year's holidays, to try to reduce the number of their patients, including drinking alcohol in moderation, avoiding poisoning and injuries, ”concluded the Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee.

Khamzayev made a proposal to place alcohol stores outside the settlements earlier on Friday. He also recalled that the day before, during a big press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin answered questions about the preservation and strengthening of demography. According to the head of state, alcohol, drug and tobacco threats remain risk factors for such a topic of geopolitical significance.