OREANDA-NEWS. The Yandex.Music project introduces new restrictions for users of the free version of the service. The Yandex music service could be used for free, but this was due to a number of inconveniences.  Sometimes music was interrupted by ads that should not be missed.  Also, Yandex.Music deprived users of the free version of accessing music through a search - only recommendations and the streaming section of Radio were available.

 At this time, the restriction has been partially introduced and only a small percentage of users observe notifications that appear.  Nevertheless, experts suggest that soon the Yandex.Music developers will begin to spread the innovation more widely, so people should be prepared to put in place a decision on the inability to listen continuously to your favorite artists for a long time.

 There is a restriction on background listening in other services, for example, on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, it is 30 minutes per day.  However, this restriction applies only to mobile applications - in the web versions you can listen to music for as long as you like.