OREANDA-NEWS  Specialists from Avtodom Group and Avtospeccenter Group announced that a new traffic light signal will appear in Russia from March 1. A white arrow with the image of a pedestrian will indicate that there is a pedestrian crossing behind the turn in the direction of movement, the Prime agency reports.

It is noted that the signal has already worked in a number of Russian regions as an experiment and has reduced the risk of accidents. Now it will be used everywhere in the country. The new white arrow will not change the traffic rules, but will give drivers additional data to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians.

Now it will also become clearer to whom the traffic light signal is addressed. If it is a bicycle, then it is intended for cyclists and moped drivers moving along the bike lane, but not for pedestrians. When using means of individual mobility, the driver should rely on signals for pedestrians or cyclists.

Experts warned that a fine of 800 to 5000 rubles is threatened for violating traffic light signals.

Earlier, drivers were warned about fines for driving at a yellow traffic light. Lawyer Elena Kuderko said that for the first such violation, the fine will be one thousand rubles.