OREANDA-NEWS Authorities in the Chinese city of Beidaihe have temporarily banned Tesla owners from driving their cars, the Daily Mail reports. The restrictions are related to a secret meeting of the leadership of the Communist Party of China - officials fear they may be monitored by electric cars.

According to media reports, the restrictions will begin July 1 and will last for two months. The reason for concern was the eight cameras built into the Tesla, which can record what is happening around them, but the official reason is not reported.

A similar ban was introduced in early June in southwest China. Then the local police also prohibited the movement of American electric cars on the streets of the city because of the visit of the head of China Xi Jinping.

Despite this, the head of Tesla, Ilon Musk, repeatedly stated that his company is not engaged in espionage in China, and all the data that are transmitted by electric cars remain in the PRC.