OREANDA-NEWS. In Russia, the cost of hybrid cars is growing due to new rules for calculating excise taxes. Now, not only the power of the internal combustion engine, as before, but also electric motors are taken as the basis for calculation, Kommersant reports, citing clarifications from the Ministry of Finance.

Thus, the size of the excise tax on hybrid cars has increased by several hundred thousand rubles, and the customs value of cars, on which VAT is paid, has also increased.

Volvo explained that the amount of excise paid increased by less than 1% of the value of the car, "but still quite noticeable" and is unlikely to help automakers promote hybrids.

Also, with reference to the vl.ru portal, it is reported that Far Eastern companies involved in the import of used hybrid cars have already encountered new rules for the import of hybrids.

Earlier it became known that at the end of 2021, the weighted average price of a new passenger car in Russia increased by 20%.

Last year, the weighted average price slightly exceeded 2 million rubles. Compared to 2020, it increased by more than 300 thousand rubles (or 20%).

The increase in new car prices in 2021 is due to a shortage of new cars from dealers due to a global shortage of electronic components, and strong demand from potential buyers.

“In other words, automakers adjust their programs and dealers receive fewer cars than they could actually sell. This creates additional preconditions for price growth,” the experts added.