OREANDA-NEWS JSC "Obukhov Plant" received the management of the site of the Toyota company that left the market. It is planned to create two types of electric vehicles: the E-Neva crossover and the L-type microcar, Vedomosti reports. To rebuild production for the release of a new format, it will be necessary to invest about 35-37 billion rubles.

The first electric cars may appear as early as 2024. It is assumed that microcars are intended, for example, for use by delivery services and private ambulance. They comfortably move around the city at a speed of no more than 90 km / h. The manufacturer promises that it will be possible to drive 183 km without changing the battery module. For the first year, they plan to release six thousand L-type worth 800 thousand rubles.

Electric crossovers will fill the market from 2026, their maximum speed will be 160 km/h. The electric car will travel 500 km on one battery. They will be produced in the amount of 55-60 thousand per year and cost about 2.5 million.

The undeveloped charging infrastructure is a factor constraining the development of this sphere. There are only 53 electric filling stations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.