OREANDA-NEWS  Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted the ban for Russian airlines to fly to Georgia, it follows from the relevant decree posted on the official Internet portal of legal information.

"To recognize the decree of the President of Russia of June 21, 2019 as invalid," the document says.
The expired document prohibited Russian airlines from flying between the two countries.

In turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs canceled the recommendation to Russians to refrain from traveling to a neighboring country, the official representative of the ministry Maria Zakharova said. But when visiting Georgia, security aspects should be taken into account and caution should be exercised, she pointed out.

"The decisions taken by the President of the Russian Federation on the resumption of flights and the introduction of a visa—free regime for short-term trips of Georgian citizens to Russia are in line with our principled approach of consistently facilitating the conditions of communication and contacts between citizens of Russia and Georgia, despite the lack of diplomatic relations," Zakharova stressed.

She also added that the Ministry of Transport will soon comment on the resumption of direct flights with Georgia.
Georgian-Russian relations worsened after the visit of Russian deputies who took part in the international conference of Orthodoxy was protested in Tbilisi in June 2019. The capital of Georgia was overwhelmed by protests.

Against this background, by Putin's decree, Russian airlines were temporarily banned from flying to the neighboring republic from July 8, 2019, and tour operators and agents were advised not to sell vouchers to this country. On the same date, the decision of the Ministry of Transport to suspend flights of Georgian airlines to Russia came into force.