OREANDA-NEWS  Ust-Katavsky Car Building Plant (UKVZ, part of Roscosmos) plans to produce 150 tram cars worth 8.5 billion rubles this year. This was reported to TASS by the general director of the company Roman Novikov.

"For 2023, the production program is 11 billion rubles (special production and tram production, of which tram production is 8.5 billion rubles). We have signed a contract with the Chelyabinsk region for 5.5 billion, we are actively negotiating with Krasnodar for the supply of 50 units (most likely, we will conclude). Plus, we also have 20 wagons for Magnitogorsk, and one competitor turned to us. Therefore, we are going to produce 150 cars next year," Novikov said.

According to the general director of UKVZ, in 2018 the volume of production was about 35 cars per year, in 2019 - 53, in 2020, during the pandemic - 54, in 2021 - 84 cars, this year - 120. At the same time, the company has almost completely replaced the components. "We have only cameras and televisions from imported ones," he explained.

In April last year, Novikov told TASS that UKVZ had reduced its dependence on foreign components from 45% to 3% in three years. According to him, there is no problem in this, since the plant has no contracts with enterprises from countries unfriendly to Russia.