OREANDA-NEWS Ural Airlines will be able to operate flights for about two to three months without stopping planes and disassembling aircraft for spare parts, said Igor Poddubny, technical director of the company, at the MRO Russia and CIS 2022 forum.

"Ural Airlines planes will fly safely without disrupting the fleet, without stopping planes for two or three months," he said.

Poddubny explained that there are "civilized opportunities" for the supply of spare parts and materials. "I don't see a completely black picture," he noted.

Poddubny added that after February 24, the airline was subjected to a hacker attack, because of which engineers and technical specialists lost access to information systems, and they had to work with paper media for five days.

Earlier, Ural Airlines canceled flights to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel and the United Arab Emirates until March 26 due to the "current geopolitical situation." The company also refused to operate flights to Egypt and Thailand until the end of May. By March 9, almost all Russian companies canceled flights abroad.

At the end of February, the largest leasing companies began to recall their aircraft from Russia due to the imposed international sanctions. One of the largest lessors of Aerocap has stopped cooperation with Russian air carriers, among its clients are Ural Airlines, S7, Aeroflot, Rossiya, Nordwind Airlines and others. "AerCap intends to fully comply with all applicable sanctions," the company stressed.

At the end of February, the European Union imposed sanctions against the Russian transport sector, in particular, announced a ban on the sale of aircraft and spare parts for them.