OREANDA-NEWS. The master remade the Porsche Boxster S, belonging to the generation of 1998-2006, and completely replaced its appearance by styling a sports car under the ZAZ-968, popularly known as the Zaporozhets.  The vehicle became superficially very reminiscent of the Soviet budget car, but technically it is a German advanced, even by today's standards, car.

 The roadster is camouflaged as ZAZ-968, but the filling in it is completely identical to the German sports car.  Under the indifferent "hood" hides a 3.2-liter opposed "six" with a capacity of 250 horsepower with water cooling and a 6-speed "mechanics".  The car has rear-wheel drive and a modern suspension, equipped with McPherson struts and anti-roll bars.  The unique hybrid of Porsche and ZAZ accelerates to “hundreds” in 6 seconds.

 For such an advanced version of Zaporozhets, the seller set a price tag of 3.2 million rubles. By the way, for another workshop car - pickup truck MAZ-200, last year they asked for a lot more - five million rubles.