OREANDA-NEWS  Public figures of Moldova joined the action in solidarity with Russia, laying flowers at the monument to the "Liberators of Moldova from Fascism" in the center of Chisinau. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to Nikolay Kostyrkin, coordinator of the Organizing Committee of the International Union of Free Journalists, Moldovans have followed the example of residents of many European countries, who these days lay flowers to units of military equipment installed in the capitals of their countries.

"It was in Berlin, Riga and Tallinn… Europeans honor the memory and feat of the fighters against fascism of the present and the past," he said.

Earlier, the President of the Republic, Maya Sandu, said that Kiev's statements about Russia's alleged intention to change power in Moldova were confirmed by the special services of the republic. According to her, Ukraine handed over documents detailing how Russia intends to implement its plan. Among those who had to implement it, there were disgruntled citizens of Moldova participating in anti-government actions.