OREANDA-NEWS. Australian Bruce Roberts, who lives in the suburbs of Sydney, killed a criminal who wanted to rob his house. Bruce hid the body in the bedroom of his house and kept it for 15 long years. the mummified remains of the criminal were found only this year.
The body of the thief and robber Shane Snellman was discovered only after the death of the owner of the house, Bruce Roberts, in 2017. Neighbors called the emergency service because of the accumulated mail at the house. Emergency responders found Roberts ' body in the house. The judge decided that the death was natural. Only a year later, cleaners called to the house found Snellman's body, as well as an arsenal of weapons - at least 19 firearms.
After a lengthy investigation, it turned out that Roberts shot Snellman in 2002 when he tried to break into the house. Roberts was a bit of a recluse, hardly ever leaving the house and hiding a corpse in his bedroom for 15 years.
Bruce Roberts ' family described him as an introverted, unsociable man. According to them, he was completely unable to get along with people and suffered from hoarding syndrome.
Also, according to assistant attorney Tina Xanthos, more than 70 vials of air freshener were found in Snellman's body, which suggests that Roberts deliberately tried to mask the smell of decomposing remains.