OREANDA-NEWS. British Brexit minister David Frost is resigning over the course of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government, Reuters reports, citing his letter.

"It is unfortunate that this plan [of resignation] has come to light tonight. Under the circumstances, I think it is right that I write a letter of resignation with immediate effect,"- Frost wrote in a letter to Johnson.

He said he hoped the UK would achieve the standard of a lightly regulated economy with an entrepreneurial bias and low taxes as soon as possible.

His possible resignation from the British prime minister's cabinet due to frustration with Conservative policies was previously reported by the Daily Mail, citing a government source. According to the paper, he tendered his resignation a week ago, but Johnson persuaded him to stay in office until January.

Frost's resignation stemmed from dissatisfaction with "plan B" to combat the coronavirus, including the introduction of vaccination passports, the Daily Mail source told the Daily Mail. This was the final straw for the Brexit minister, who had previously opposed tax increases and a "net zero" environmental policy on decarbonisation by 2050. Frost did not believe that the government's adoption of a European economic model would benefit from Brexit.

The source said David was tired of his role, which involved "endless and exhausting clashes with Brussels".

David Frost led the UK's negotiations with the European Union on a free trade agreement during the transition period and resolved disputes over Northern Ireland (the inspection and subsequent ban on the importation of British goods into Europe).

The Daily Mail noted that Frost was called "the brain behind Brexit Boris" and was one of the most popular government ministers.