OREANDA-NEWS  Construction of a fence on the border with Russia has begun in Finland, the Yle portal reports. Work is underway in the city of Imatra in the region of South Karelia near the border with Russia.

A three-kilometer-long section of the "test fence" will be erected there by June, the portal notes. According to him, the authorities will check at this site whether the fence will withstand winter frosts, snow loads or "a possible accumulation of people arriving from the east."

According to Yle, the cost of the "test fence" is €6 million. In November, the Finnish government offered to allocate €139 million ($143.4 million) for the construction of a fence along part of the country's border with Russia.

The Finnish border service proposed to put up a fence in the southeastern part of the border with Russia in the autumn. At the same time, it is planned to protect only 10-20% of the border (its total length is 1.3 thousand km), that is, about 130-260 km.