OREANDA-NEWS  As of May 7, Gazprom supplies 39.3 million cubic meters of gas through the Suja gas measuring station (GIS) through Ukraine in the volume confirmed by the country. An official representative of the company told reporters about the volume of transit, the TASS news agency reports.

In addition, the source clarified that the application for GIS "Sokhranovka" was rejected. A day earlier, on May 6, the pumping volume was at the level of 39.5 million cubic meters.

Earlier, the Operator of the GTS of Ukraine (OGTSU) on its website published information that on May 7, the volume of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine could be about 39.3 million cubic meters.

The transit line through Ukraine is the only way through which Russian gas enters the countries of Central and Western Europe. After the sabotage, supplies via the Nord Stream were stopped. For the countries of Southern Europe and Turkey, gas supplies are provided through the Blue Stream and Turkish Stream.

Earlier on May 7, Claudio Descalzi, CEO of the Italian energy company Eni, said that it would take Italy two years to completely abandon Russian gas. He added that at the moment 30 billion cubic meters out of 40 billion have been replaced.