OREANDA-NEWS  The German sports car manufacturer Porsche has disabled its mobile application for customers from Russia, which allows remote control of some functions of the car. Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Skoda, Kia, Infiniti, Nissan also found problems with applications, they told the Newspaper.Ru" dealers. According to experts, the lack of mobile services will reduce the convenience of owning expensive foreign cars, but it is no longer necessary to count on their full-scale support in the current conditions.

Starting from March 2022, most automakers do not supply cars to Russian dealers due to the disruption of logistics chains or the suspension of their activities due to external sanctions. Moreover, some have officially announced their withdrawal from the Russian market, while retaining the opportunity to return at the first opportunity. According to the Association of Russian Automobile Dealers in mid-December 2022, no more than 20-30 thousand new cars of foreign brands remained in the warehouses of Russian car dealers. At the same time, there are almost no models of the average price category, such as Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Renault, Volkswagen among them, mostly these are expensive Chinese cars.